Brian Small


I'm a husband and father.

Nova Scotian by birth (1960s); Albertan by circumstance (2001).

By training, and occasionally by profession, I'm an Industrial Automation Technologist. I also manage a couple of the farmers' markets in the Camrose area.

I am fascinated by the culture of photography. I enjoy looking at photos of all kinds and in all formats but have a preference for photo-books. I do occasionally take pictures myself but I'm not particularly good at it. That said, the pursuit of competence is on going.


I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.

-Gerry Winogrand

Because we have the most advanced cameras ever (even that ancient Canon Digital Rebel the people in your camera club look down their noses at) and we’re still not making photographs that are stronger than those made by photographers from 20, 30, or 100 years ago. It’s not the gear.

-David duChemin

Man's greatest tragedy is that he can conceive of a perfection which he cannot attain


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